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 This month, instead of having a speaker, we will have an open forum. These sessions are usually very informative and give you, our members, a chance to ask questions, share some of your knowledge and make suggestions of what you would like the WCGR committee (and the ISRA) to focus on in the future. Come on down and enjoy an evening with us...and don't forget to bring a friend!

WCGR Gun Giveaway

  Will County ISRA member, Michael Dougherty, was the name drawn for the WCGR Gun Giveaway last month. Unfortunately for Michael, he was not present so we will draw another name this month. Remember, the winner must be present, be an ISRA member, have a valid FOID and comply with all local, state and federal laws.

August Meeting

  Last month, our speaker talked about the guns used in WWI and many other very interesting things about the War. Some interesting tidbits that you may not know about are that Winston Churchill was the Secretary of the Navy during WW I; the Italians changed sides during the War. In the Middle East, the borders were drawn and Iraq was formed.


 The Mad minute was a term used when firing at least 15
accurate shots on a target (at 300yds.) within one minute, while using a bolt-action rifle.
One rifle that was typically used was the British Lee-Enfield, as it was considered very efficient. The British were very proud and thought they were unstoppable, but they were very wrong.  more 


Chairman's Comments

  Amazingly, none of the major media covered this: a hospital in Darby, PA doesnít allow anyone to carry a handgun on its premises, even if that person is a licensed CCW holder. Well, it just so happened that one of the workers there, Dr. Lee Silverman (a legal CCW permit holder), decided to defy their rules. He told no one so it wasnít until a patient, who had armed himself and gunned down a case worker, was approaching Dr.Silverman with intent to kill. After the patient opened fire on Dr. Silverman, the good doctor pulled out his gun and fired, hitting the gunman three times. The police chief said he is positive the doctor saved many lives that day and that the assailant would have just kept walking down the hall, shooting, until he ran out of ammunition. The district attorney also stated that if Dr.Silverman had not defied the hospitalís policy of bringing the handgun to work, the doctor and others would now be dead.  It is amazing to me that almost all the major media, and far too many politicians, defy common sense and try to push their anti-gun agenda, rather than allow individuals to save lives.more

Soliciting Articles and Pictures -

As you may have noticed, it has been awhile since pictures and articles from Will County Grass Roots members have been added. If you would like to write an article/commentary for inclusion to the site we would really like to see it! Pictures of your last outing at a local range or hunting trip would be great. Did your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, etc. get their first or biggest Buck, Goose, etc.? Let's see your pictures!

All articles/commentaries will be reviewed/approved by the Will County Grass Roots board prior to publication. By submitting your pictures/commentaries you are granting the ISRA and Will County Grass Roots permission to publish them on this web site.

Please forward your pictures or commentaries to

Will County Grassroots

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Illinois State Rifle Association
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Political Disclaimer

The ISRA and the Will County Division of the ISRA CAN NOT and WILL NOT endorse any candidate or party. We feature speakers to allow us to learn about the positions a candidate holds about the Second Amendment, and welcome all candidates to speak to us. Only the ISRA Political Victory Fund can endorse candidates or donate to political campaigns.



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